Duvall, WA


8 months overall construction schedule based on a $5M project value.


Duvall Commons is a commercial lot comprised of three retail buildings housing nine different tenants such as Jiffy Lube, Papa Murphy’s Pizza, Shake-n-Go and Starbucks. The project included a restructuring of the existing topography to accommodate the new storm-water collection system. This system was designed to receive runoff from roof, pavement, and landscape areas and deliver to an underground vault intended to provide both storm-water treatment and detention performance required by local codes. The property bordered an active stream creating extensive storm-water management requirements to manage flood conditions and possible pollutants to the stream. The poor soils during the heavy rain conditions required concrete treatment of the soils to manage risk and cost of soil saturation.


Despite the complexities of the storm-water system, the Redhawk team was able to progress in the project effectively, and meet all client and County requests. The completion of this project created a community market, an open neighborhood complex in the heart of Duvall.

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