Redhawk Group and Gramor Development are partnering again for another mixed-use project. Redhawk started demolition on the Fremont Green project in mid-August. Redhawk demolished the existing building and salvaged 5000 square feet of wood car decking (tongue and groove 2×6) to re-use as wall and ceiling finish in the new building. The building includes of 63 residential apartments, one live/work unit and approximately 3500 square feet of commercial space. The structure will consist of four stories and a rooftop deck; L1 will be slab on grade with metal framing, L2 will be a PT slab with wood framing and L3 and L4 will be wood framed.

The lot sits on the busy corner of 36th Street and Greenwood Avenue nuzzled next to a popular soccer favored sports bar, across the street from some small local shops and next to some residential condos. It also sits right across the street from the West of Lenin independent theater that Redhawk provided construction services on several years ago.

Redhawk took the necessary steps to work with the city for work in the ROW making sure we’re posting proper signage and alerting our neighbors about changes to the construction schedule. Redhawk’s Mark Richardson, Project Engineer, says “the neighbors in general have been very accommodating”. Construction in any neighborhood is usually not received well by the residents. The Redhawk Team has gone out of their way to ensure open communication with nearby residents. This creates a partnership in the neighborhood and aids the progression of the project with little to no hiccups along the way.

As we were digging and setting shoring piles, we hit flowing water higher than expected. Redhawk discovered an old 6” sewer line under the previous building’s slab which enabled us to avoid putting a new line in and helped keep the costs down for the fixes to the water situation.

“With the help of some excellent subcontractors and a responsive design team, problems like that were resolved quickly and we have remained on schedule”, Richardson said.

Construction expected to be complete in early fall 2015.








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