In the world of construction, safety is our number one priority; safety for our team, safety for the public and safety in the building.

Safety for our team: Preparing our team with the proper tools and training is key to having a safe work environment. Our team in the field has been specifically trained on all equipment and tools, are prepared for all changes in weather, prevention of injuries, handling injuries and accidents and emergency preparedness. It’s important not only to prevent injuries, but sometimes accidents happen. Our team is well versed in first aid and CPR, and reporting and tending to anyone who is injured. We also hold weekly safety meetings where we go over a specific safety topic and review with the subcontractors we have on site.

Safety for the public: We do a lot of work in highly public areas. Keeping the public informed on our progress and schedule is very important. We communicate well with our neighbors so they know what big activities will be going on and can plan their daily activities around it. Not only is it good to keep our neighbors informed for their sake, but we believe our neighbors can act as our eyes and ears during off hours. We fully adhere to city requirements for constructing in the Right of Way (ROW) which means we post proper signage, barricades, flag for changes in walkways, etc. It is our belief that educating the public with proper signs and directions, there is less chance for accidents and injuries.

Safety in the building: Not only do we need to take proper precautions when performing construction tasks, but we also need to review safety in the building itself. Proper fall protection must be in place for all open areas. Guardrails and proper fencing are not only a visible indication of an unsafe area, but they can also act as a barrier/restraint for unsafe practices. We always have extra safety gear on site (hard hats, safety vests and goggle, etc) for visitors and only allow unauthorized personnel to walk the site with a proper escort.

Keeping a clean and organized jobsite ensures a safe working environment for everyone. Our safety responsibility as a GC is to eliminate the exposure to injuries and accidents on the jobsite.

Hard Hat

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